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Senior Product Owner

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Join Team Brainboss!

We know projects! We support our clients with the execution of (agile) projects and portfolio management.

By deploying complete teams at our customers, we are making sure that both portfolios and projects are managed in a unified and consistent way, making predictable results and output based on our standards.

For our team members, we offer the diversity of working at multiple (international) clients, with the familiarity of working together with a team of Brainboss colleagues you can always trust and go to.

Brainboss is now hiring a:


Are you that great representative who can make sure that the needs of business stakeholders reach developers in a way they exactly know what to build?

The job:
As one of our experienced Product Owners you will work for our clients in the field of Banking & Insurance, Telecom, Online Retail or Human Capital. Most of the time on project basis to start up new agile teams or guide existing teams with your excellent product owner skills like roadmapping, backlog management and stakeholder management. You also like to think as a business analyst so now and then and you are very supportive to the team and your environment.

You have what it takes to make the difference at our client by maximizing value, bringing energy and keep your eye on the prize, making great results


Will be responsible for the overall product vision for your team. You create solid roadmaps and define and prioritize epics & user stories. In close cooperation with your team members (e.g. Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Developers) you will define and refine product requirements and make sure that products and features are deployed. Although you are closely monitoring incremental progress, you do manage to keep track off the overall product vision you are working on.

To succeed in this challenging role, you will need:

  • You have deep knowledge of Agile Scrum and all the terminology that comes with it
  • You have experience in setting up experiments and validation processes
  • You have a consulting mindset and are comfortable in client facing situations.
  • You are the best communicator in town
  • You have technical savviness
  • You have the ability to create an overall structure that gives your team focus
  • You have a natural radar for performance enhancing opportunities and delivering value is your natural instinct
  • You have fun doing this!

What we expect you bring in with knowledge:

  • Higher educational level (WO /HBO)
  • PSPO 1 & PSPO 2 Certification
  • Minimum of 5 years of proven Product Owner experience
  • Minimum of three different products developed with teams
  • Business Analysis or Engineering experience is preferred
  • Experience in using backlog management tooling (e.g. Jira, Azure DevOps)
  • You follow the latest trends in (scaled) Agile way of working (e.g. SAFe)
  • Extremely skilled in interpersonal communication and working with stakeholders.
  • Experience in at least one of the industries: Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Online Retail
  • Fluent in both English and Dutch

What Brainboss offers:

Energy. Skill. Speed. That’s what working at Brainboss means. Because we work at complex organisations in change, every day is different. We thrive in continuously changing environments.

Remember the time you had friends at work, a second social life and a lot of moments filled with fun things with colleagues. We are bringing this back to the table, with an awesome office and lot's of time to spend social time with your colleagues. Hybrid working remains possible, but with a different intention. 

Being a knowledge and skill-based company, always learning is our middle name. And that’s what we expect from new Brainboss colleagues as well. Because of our wide range of project and portfolio management services, we can offer you the possibility to gain expertise in different areas and train you in more and in depth skills.

Of course, we provide you with a competitive package of benefits, consisting of an above average salary, and a long list of gains and perks. We will make sure you get all the education you need to thrive in the ever-changing arena of projects.

And above all, we are great fun to work with because together we shape the company culture!!

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