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We take action!

We take sustainability seriously by taking actions with our team! Not with a text in our e-mail signature but creating a tangible result with our own Brainforest.

Yearly in the period of February to April we plant our own forest to contribute and give back to nature. Driven by ourselves, our team and our clients!

Planting our brainforest

We asked our staff what we can do together to share and give back to our community as a company. It was decided to invest in a piece of nature – our own brainforest. 

As a result, we partnered with Stukje Natuur to make it happen. As a team we planted 300 trees ourselves in the area of Boschoord in Drenthe. In total we supported Stukje Natuur with planting 1200 trees already in the same area to re-grow a part of the local forest. 

In this way we contribute to laying a green foundation for the coming 50 years. We invest and give back ourselves but also invite our clients to join us to make an even bigger impact. Our first goal is to reach the goal of planting 5.000 trees by 2025!

Why we do this


In becoming sustainable, choices can be made with small and big impact on a daily basis. Next to planting our brainforest, we always try to make the right choices to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

We encourage the use of public transport, biking and driving electric and hybrid as much as possible. Also in the office we installed motion sensors for light and the air conditioning is switched off by default rather than taking it for granted.

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